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Tempered Glass & Aluminum Workstation w Monitor/Printer Shelf
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Modular systems are on the rise especially when it concerns computer space and optimizing your livespace. With the trend towards urban existences, these great workstations are ideal. Care for CD’s, monitors, retractable keyboards, printers and more with these items. Drawers accommodate office supplies, encourage order and minimalism. View our site for additional items.

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LX 72 in. Computer Desk
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The Ergo Office - 63 in. Espresso Desk with 48 in. Return $1,278.00 (Save 20%)

Recent Customer Reviews
LAN Computer Rack Workstation w Keyboard Tray & Storage Baskets
Kevin from Leesburg, VA
This LAN rack is great for up to about 3 tower servers (maybe 4 but it would be tight), a keyboard/mouse and monitor or monitors. I put network switch, FIOS router, 3 servers and large LCD monitor on it and I have no complaints especially for the price. It does the job for a small home network.
The Ergo Office - Adjustable Desk
what? from Burlington, MA
I have purchased three adjustable desk and love the desk. The installers are terrible. The only reason why I continue to purchase the item is because the product is good. Your second party installer should be fired.
Luxor Furniture - Adjustable Computer Mobile Workstation
ChrisOnjian from New Jersey
I purchased this unit for home use. I needed a computer cart that could hold all my equipment, and would allow me to roll it to wherever I wanted to work. (as opposed to a static computer work station) The size, and capacity was pretty much exactly what I needed. It is also very attractive in style and color so I don't mind leaving it out where it can be seen. The top piece is big enough to hold my 24" LCD monitor, and a few other small items like external drives, and custom keypads. The keyboard shelf is large. I can put my keyboard, mouse, and still have room left over for something else. My midtower case takes up less then one half of the bottom shelf, leaving me enough room for some music equipment, my UPS, and other accessories. The top part adjusts well. At its highest point you can stand up and use it. At the lowest point you can sit at a standard chair or couch and use it. The only two gripes I have with the design are 1) The support column that holds it all together does seem to be a little wobbly. Each of the two pieces are very sturdy, but it feels like the part where they mate can come apart. It is only held together with two tension screws. Once you put some weight on it you will notice it. 2) on carpeting the unit is a little difficult to move around once you put some weight on it. If different wheels were used it might have been better. Note this likely isn't a factor at all on hard floors. Note: Neither of these items are reasons not to buy this.. it is still a great unit. Assembly was easy and took about 20 minutes. There were some small discrepancies in the instructions but nothing that couldn't be figured out. When you do build it make sure to note the diagrams and the subtle positioning and orientation of the pieces (note the screw holes and etc so you know you are positioning it the right way). Highly Recommend.
Wooden Folding Laptop Desk and Tray Table in Mahogany Finish
dubbs from new york
i love this table looks good and is very sturdy and can be used for any laptop or to eat on.
Luxor Furniture - Mobile Multimedia Cart w Locking Cabinet
Wooden Folding Laptop Desk and Tray Table in Mahogany Finish
Suzy from Alpine, TX
My husband, a big guy, is disabled and spends most of his time watching TV in his chair, where he also eats. Regular TV tables made him squeeze his knees together to get between the legs. This solves the problem. I wish the surface was smoother because frequently wipe it with a wet cloth and I wonder if this will eventually ruin the finish.
The Ergo Office - Adjustable Desk
Fern from Little Suamico, WI
I have preferred to stand (at a small workstation) in my home office for over 15 years. I find my energy last the whole day when I stand, and I am maintaining strength and balance as I age. This desk goes EASILY to the needed 42+ inches for me to comfortably stand, and I have the large desk top to work on, instead of a small workstation area. It is attractive, strong, and very easy to use. And the ergonomic styling is perfect for keeping documents handy. I love it, and I would now insist on it in any work environment.
LAN Computer Rack Workstation w Keyboard Tray & Storage Baskets
Barb from Mpls, MN
Works great for our test system PCs and all the materials for these systems.
Large LAN Computer Rack Workstation w Keyboard Tray
Brent from Charleston, SC
I store spare parts, heavy bulk items, and it rolls around easy for it's size.
Diversity Stand-Up Computer Workstation
Mike from Milwaukee
This is just what I wanted (I am using it as a standing desk, to avoid having to sit all day long as I work), and I have no complaints with the finished product. Just that it was almost willfully fussy and fastidious to assemble--I felt like a parent at midnight on Christmas Eve struggling to build a bike from parts. On the plus side, the instructions are clear and the parts are well packed and labeled, but it is not engineered for reasonable ease of assembly. Plan on a frustrating hour of work to put it together. Or maybe a little more.